Young Adults

College and Career Ministry

The College & Career ministry at Three Village Church is a group of graduate and undergraduate students, young professionals, and people in-between. Whether you are out there working, or studying and preparing for a career, you are invited to join in. We tend to be 19-29 in years, but we welcome all who wish to join us. 

Sunday Transportation

-Stony Brook  University Campus bus pick up-

Need a ride? We'll Pick You Up!
Beginning September 3rd, 2023

Pickups will be on campus before the 11:00AM Worship Service. If have any questions, please email the office:

Sunday Lunch

 - Beginning September 10th at 12:30 PM -

After the second service, lunch is on us. You'll have a chance to chow down, chat with friends, and ask questions about that morning's message.

This lunch is only available while University and school is in session. We will be resuming September 10th2023.
Pickup Schedule


H Quad Bus Stop (opposite Student Health Center-10:10am

Hamilton Bus Stop-10:13am

Tabler Bus Stop-10:16am

Chapin Apts. Bus Stop-10:20am