Kindergarten-2nd Grade at home

We are starting a new curriculum!!

We are now using a curriculum called The Gospel Project.  Your Children's Ministry leaders are pairing
with families from 3VC to make the bible story videos. We will also be providing
activities and discussion questions for each week.

If you would like to know more about how your family can be in a bible story video,  please email!

January's Bible Verse

"We who are many are one in Christ and individually members of one another."
Romans 12:5

This week is the story of Stephen's Sermon from Acts 6-7. In the video you will see Daniel Gift, along with a 3VC family! You will hear from the kids about what they learned from today's story.

Click the picture on the left or the heading to watch the video.

Print out this activity to engage more with the story
of Stephen's Sermon!

Click the picture on the right or the heading to access the activity.

If you do not have a printer to print out the activities each week,
please email, and you will get each week's
activities sent to you in the mail.

Discussion Questions:

1. What was Stephen accused of?
(blasphemy, saying something untrue and dishonoring about God; Acts 6:11) 

2. What did Stephen preach about?
(Stephen used Israel’s history to explain Jesus is the Messiah; Acts 7:51-52) 

3. How can we stand up boldly for Jesus in the face of persecution? Discuss the strength and power available to believers through the Holy Spirit. Remind kids that He can help us be bold in hard times. Encourage kids to trust God and have faith that He turns all things to good, even when we don’t see the good results. 

4. What should we do if we are persecuted?
Talk through what Stephen did. Help the kids see that Stephen did not fight his enemies, but instead asked God to forgive them for killing him. Remind kids that Jesus promised troubles and persecution would come. Encourage kids to pray for boldness in hard times, not just for things to get easier.

Christ Connection:

People hurt Stephen because he followed Jesus. Jesus told His disciples that people would hurt them for loving Him. When people are mean to us because we love Jesus, we can be brave because people hurt Jesus too. Jesus died and came back to life, and one day we will live with Him forever.

On the LifeWay Kids app, you can color the activity pages digitally on a phone or a tablet, play games that connect with this week's story, watch Gospel Project videos for this week's bible story, and more! Check it out on the links below:
To find this week's materials:

1. Download and open app
2. Scroll down to The Gospel Project For Kids
3. Click on "Volume 10 - Winter 2020-2021"
4. Click on "Get" and let it download
5. Click "Read"
And Enjoy!