Covid-19 Updates

Kids' Ministry Information:

"Consider that if you have children, this crisis will be one of the most powerful opportunities
you have to model for them what faith in Jesus looks like."

The above note from Pastor Josh was a great encouragement for families at the start of social distancing for  Covid-19.  Hopefully, you are continuing to walk your kids through this with age-appropriate conversations, guiding your children away from fear but to  place their trust in our all-powerful God.  

We always want to put resources in your hands to help navigate faith conversations with your kids - and now is no different!  As you talk about your trust in God, this may spark conversations with your kids about them wanting to put their trust in God too!  If you are not sure what it looks like to help guide your kids in starting their own personal relationship with God, check out this Start Here page.  It includes a few phrases to use,
a prayer you can say as a family and bible verses to help explain the start their amazing journey.

I am hoping this time becomes special, a time to be creative as you connect as a family and with God in new and deeper ways!

-Taylor R. Aurigema
Kids’ Ministry Coordinator

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We will be keeping the below pages updated weekly during Covid-19.

These resources will help you continue to disciple your kids, leading them into a deeper faith, at home.  Use all or part of each lesson, or spread it out throughout the week!  The most important thing is to simple continue to have conversations about God throughout the week.

As your kids hear things at school, from friends, adults and older kids, help them navigate their feelings about what is happening in the world.  To help validate their feelings and speak truth over them, check out Crisis Conversation Guides.