About Us

Exposure breeds appreciation and appreciation leads to learning and mastery.  Faith Nursery School's 4 year old program is a full preschool curriculum where a big part of learning is having the confidence to try. Our program is designed to build confidence in our students' ability to learn.  Whatever level they're at, they will learn as much as they can; whatever they're not able to learn yet, they'll have confidence they can master it eventually. 

Our day is a healthy balance between guided instruction and center time.  Every day we sing, listen to a story, decode a mystery word, count the calendar, find a missing letter, sing the sound song, learn something new, reinforce something old, create a craft, count to 20, write our name, play with a friend, choose a center, go outside (weather permitting), help clean up, eat, pray, laugh--and more!


Our curriculum consists of:

We have a strong pre-reading and reading program. Our emphasis is on letter and sound recognition.  All year long we present short vowel, three and four letter words to encourage early reading and pre-reading confidence. We learn words in songs which encourage all children in their ability to read; many children begin reading during our preschool year and others, although not ready yet, are excited about their ability to read soon. If a child enters our program already a strong reader, we give him/her opportunities to enjoy lots of good children's literature and do independent author studies.

We teach counting from 1 to 20 and beyond.  All year we explore and present beginning math concepts through roll play activities and games.

We have guitar led singing every day, learning seasonal songs, Bible songs, classic children's songs, and rhythmic exercise songs. The children learn to sing, follow a rhythm, and coordinate body movements.

Children are exposed to many types of science with age appropriate hands on experiments and activities. We learn about magnets, measuring, floatation, planting, growth, space, rockets, dinosaurs, color mixing, weather, seeds, germs, bats, whales, bugs, life-cycles, rainbows, birds, and much more.


Students are given exposure to life 100 to 400 years ago through activities, crafts, and literature. 

Crafts – pilgrim aprons, variety of crafts using only materials available to colonial America.

Activities – 1800's classroom for a day, pow-wow, baking colonial cornbread, basket weaving, butter churning, writing with quills using homemade ink.

Physical Exercise
Weekly and FNS Olympics (field day).

We expose children to all types of art mediums, and include a unit on several famous artists where the students are given an opportunity to paint like the masters! Our program also includes an art center where materials and tools are available to create whatever they imagine. 

Children are exposed to different cultures around the world and enjoy special days to celebrate these cultures such as Asian day and international flag day.

Recycling and Crafting
We teach recycling all year and work hard to recycle items (that might otherwise be thrown away) in our crafts and activities.

Faith Base
We reinforce the biblical concepts of: God loves us, we can learn about Him by learning about Jesus, we can be His helpers here on earth by loving each other, God is for us, and God is good.

Love Theme
Our main theme all year is love. The children learn to spell and read it early on through song, and we reinforce its concept all year by teaching children what it means to share, be kind, extend grace, and forgive. The children gain confidence in their reading abilities when they can read the word love whenever they see it. 

Large color photographs, topical slide shows, and 1-2 minutes video clips bring the world alive on the big screen: time lapse blooms, chicks hatching, worm fed birds, weather events, whales diving, intro. to the Olympics, deserts, oceans, penguin frolics, polar extremes, space, rockets blasting off, volcanoes erupting, biggest things on earth, smallest things on earth, starry nights--Van Gogh’s nights, orchestras playing, instruments soloing, butterflies migrating, and anything we may want to see and experience that we can't do ourselves.